Have Spirit Will Travel, Book One of the Skyler Sullivan series

Meet Skyler Sullivan. Fashionista. Coffee Gourmand. Cat Mom. Appreciator of men. Most men (dick turds need not apply). And most of all, paranormal investigator. When the dearly departed won’t … well … depart, who can you call? That’s right. Call Skyler. She’ll show up with her sexy tech guy, Nick, and together they get to the bottom of your ghostly distraction, and look really good doing it.

But even Skyler can get a surprise or two from the other side and calls on the skills of a few eccentric individuals to help her out of some sticky situations. Whatever the ghost has in store for Skyler, and whatever it takes to show them the way home, she never gives up, and she loves her job!

If you like a girl who embraces her goth past, her bad-girl high school days, and her fantastic womanly curves, you and Skyler might become BFF’s too. Totally.


The company I worked with to publish Have Spirit Will Travel has gone out of business, causing the book to be temporarily unavailable.I have taken this time to re-work both the front and back end edits. I plan to have it updated and back on sale no later than December 31, 2018. Thank you!