Kat Chandler knew she wanted to be a writer the day she completed her first full book, artwork included, about a valentine who came to life and befriended a lonely little girl. After stapling those pages between a folded over piece of red construction paper and trimming the edges with her rounded scissors, she presented the book to her mother and announced her future vocation. Six year olds are wise that way.

Over time, Kat’s sweet little muse grew into a sassy, delightfully naughty girl, who, when ignored, tap dances all over the perimeter of Kat’s right brain, while shooting a bird at the left. The vixen knows how to get her way.

These days Kat lives happily in the country with her wonderfully supportive husband, a sweet Pittie mix, and three amazing cats. She’s also a self professed tree hugging, flower sniffing, animal kisser.