Happy National Black Cat Appreciation Day


Henri, keeper of my heart

In honor of National Black Cat Appreciation Day, I want to introduce my favorite black cat in the world, Le Monsieur Henri, aka Mr. Fuzzy Face, who is also my muse for Skyler Sullivan’s black cat/familiar, Mordecai, in my book, Have Spirit Will Travel .


Chillin’ in the afternoon

In 2009, Hubby Extraordinaire found this precious little love abandoned at a job site and brought him home to join our family. He was a blessings from the start.


My new momma already loves me

He grew to have the soul of a warrior. We live in the country and one time when Henri, along with our pittie mix, Lilly, were both outside, they saw an armadillo sniffing around the yard. Henri and Lilly went at it from different angles, scared the poor thing to death, (did you know armadillos can jump 3 – 4 feet high? No shit!) and chased it out of the yard.



My boy is extremely warm hearted. Three years ago a tiny kitten showed up at our house and was hiding underneath an old building. Henri coaxed it out, and over to our porch. Not bad for a Tom cat, huh?


Hide and seek

And of course, he always enjoys hanging out with his buddy, Buster, the other half of the yin yang duo


It always pays to have friends


Does this shirt make my butt look big?

It pains me to know there are still people holding on to superstitions dating back to the 16th century when it comes to black cats. And because of that bias, these beautiful creatures are usually the last to be adopted in the shelters.

Please help spread awareness of how special these amazing felines are, and if you have room in your home, consider visiting your local shelter. You may just find you’ve been looking for a black cat all your life. The universe is funny that way.

Wishing many blessings come your way.