Writing and Business Goals for July 2017

July 2017 Writing and Business Goals

I can’t believe how quickly June has passed! I completed 7.5 out of 9 goals. (I’ll explain the .5 below) So yay!

June Goals:

  1. Send beta readers manuscript and review their comments – 1/2 Completed. I sent my manuscript to the beta readers, but haven’t yet received conclusions from 1 reader.   
  2. List book categories and keywords for publishing because I am so freaking close I can hardly contain myself – Done
  3. Research ebook pricing – Done
  4. Get website/blog live by the end of this month – Done
  5. Introduce Have Spirit Will Travel on Facebook – Done
  6. Create an analytics spreadsheet – Done. For both #’s 6 and 7, I realized it is far more efficient to use Later.com to view analytics for Instagram, and I can view Pinterest analytics on Pinterest. The important thing is to schedule regular time to review these sites
  7. Spend time analyzing the analytics on Instagram, Pinterest, and Facebook – Done. See above
  8. Link all social media – Done
  9. Work on book two of the Skyler Sullivan series – Not done, unless you count story planning and writing in my mind. While I do believe there is great value in germinating ideas, it still has to get out on paper or the screen

Other than not completing # 9, and the fact that I truly miss my creative sprees, I’m moving it as my first plan of action. Hang on Skyler! Mama’s coming!

July Goals:

  1. Work on book two of the Skyler Sullivan series
  2. Review comments from last beta reader
  3. Research MailChimp
  4. Follow 8 like-minded blogs (I don’t know why I chose 8, but it feels right, and I am all about instinct)
  5. Complete my author page on Goodreads
  6. Research and plan a book launch
  7. Read Let’s Get Visible – How to Get Noticed and Sell More Books by David Gaughran
  8. Publish Have Spirit Will Travel.  What???  I know. It is exciting.

Wish me luck!